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iOS is Apple's operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Can I prove my app uses randomness right way?

We are developing an iOS app which employs Shamir Secret Sharing algorithm. We made all possible steps users can trust us. We can't remember their secrets nor we can save encoded fragments. But they ...
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Why does Apple use One-Pass Diffie-Hellman for file encryption?

I was reading the iOS Security Guide (snapshot) and stumbled upon the following file protection class on page 15: (NSFileProtectionCompleteUnlessOpen): Some files may need to be written while the ...
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3 votes
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How does authentication work for SSH login with a public key?

For SSH public key authentication in Cisco IOS it is sufficient to add RSA public key hash instead of content of that public key. For example: ...
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Which cryptographic operations can be optimized with a GPU? When shouldn't it be done?

I'm under the impression that GPUs are only used to optimize some (not all) of a given cryptographic operation. Furthermore, I've only seen this GPU optimization done in Bitcoin. This observation ...