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Arithmetic in Cyclotomic Number Rings with Shoup's Number Theory Library (NTL)

I wish to do arithmetic on elements in an integer subring of a cyclotomic number field, i.e, in $\mathcal{O}_K = \mathbb{Z}(\zeta) \cong \mathbb{Z}[X] / <\phi_m(x)>$ where $\zeta$ is a root of ...
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Benefits of functional programming languages

So far I mostly saw Python (because of simplicity) and C (because of efficiency) for cryptographic programming. But there is a different kind of programming languages called functional programming ...
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Is there a function similar to a hash function, but it's reversible?

I am currently making a Python game where the user's high score gets encrypted and stored in a log (a text file). The reason for this encryption is because I don't want the user to be able to enter ...
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How to represent the point-at-infinity(Elliptic Curves) in code? [duplicate]

I am writing code for Elliptic Curve Cryptography. I have a class class EllipticCurvePoint. ...
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The goal, the method, and the interface of the signcrypt primitive.

Some time ago, I proposed making the site more educational by teaching correct cryptographic programming. The proposal had had somewhat good reception, but was met with cold ice as there had been ...
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what is it called when encrypt('a') || encrypt('a') == encrypt('aa')?

So normally if you do encrypt('a') twice in a row you'll get the same result. But sometimes (as is the case in SSH) this is not desirable. You want ...
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