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An attack on TLS and related protocols as of may 2015. This attack uses pre-computations to attack short prime diffie hellmann key exchange, primes with up to 1024 bits length are considered broken. It also showed people that group re-use can break security with diffie-hellmann.

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How do I ascertain the key length of some Diffie Hellman moduli to counteract the Log Jam vulnerability?

I have the following Diffie-Hellman ciphers on one of my servers ...
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In TLS, does the client know the server's public key before starting the data exchange?

I am reading about the logjam attack. I was asked if the attack could be prevented by checking the integrity of the Server Hello message. My answer would be no because the man-in-the-middle can still ...
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Avoid Logjam TLS Attack?

As the Logjam attack allows a Man-in-the-Middle attacker to downgrade vulnerable TLS connections to 512-bit export-grade cryptography by modifying the ClientHello and ServerHello, can the Logjam ...
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At what modulus size does the logjam reduction stage become impractical?

Attacking a Diffie-Hellman exchange with logjam involves a massive precomputation effort once for the group, and then a comparatively simple reduction stage that is necessary to break each individual ...
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What is the actual result of a Logjam's DH attack?

Does a Logjam attack calculate a group of probable Diffie-Hellman private keys for a user and then try them one at a time to see if it can decrypt the message - or does it directly calculate the one ...
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What does "export grade" cryptography mean? And how is this related to the Logjam attack?

I am doing some research on the Logjam attack, and I need help in learning some terms that are new for me. What does "export grade" cryptography mean? And how is this related to the Logjam attack?
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Is it possible to generate backdoored DH parameters?

I know it has been already asked and answered whether it's possible to generate weak DH parameters. But "recentely" we experienced the Logjam attack, which makes use of the pre-computation ...
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Logjam-style attack on Factoring?

We're all aware of the Logjam attack, which is known as "FREAK on discrete logarithms". The attack works by doing a large pre-computation step, which needs only to be done once per field and then ...
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Logjam on Elliptic Curves?

I think we're all aware of the Logjam attack. From now on we know that re-using primes for DH is a bad idea. But we also say that elliptic curves are safe from the attack (relying on the NFS), ...
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Logjam: "composite order subgroups" explained for TLS developers and system admins?

I have read the recent logjam paper Imperfect Forward Secrecy: How Diffie-Hellman Fails in Practice. On page 11 in the Recommendations section, they state: ...
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