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Is there any difference in security between S2K and PBKDF2?

S2K, specified in RFC 4880 §, is a KDF designed for the OpenPGP standard which concatenates a password and salt and feeds this, repeating, into a hash function for a configurable number of ...
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In GnuPG, what's the difference between --s2k-cipher-algo and --cipher-algo? [duplicate]

I want to change some encryption options while using GnuPG to encrypt a file symmetrically. 1) However, for choosing the cipher algorithm, GnuPG has two commands and I don't know which one to use. ...
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8 votes
2 answers

What exactly does s2k do in gpg

So I recently discovered the --s2k mode in gpg. Sadly it is not very well-documented. I mean, what is ...
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5 votes
2 answers

PGP String-to-Key specifiers

I've been reading through the PGP Standard and here I'm a little confused. This section is discussing converting string data to a session key. I'm confused about the paragraph in bold. First off, what ...
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RSA Key Generation Parameters - public exponent, certainty, string-to-key count

I want to know what values are appropriate for the public exponent and certainty when generating an RSA Key (for example using Bouncy Castle RSAKeyGenerationParameters function). What is the ...
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17 votes
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Is bcrypt better than GnuPG's iterated+salted hashing method?

GnuPG has slow hash built-in in form of iterated+salted S2K. Does it have disadvantages in comparison with bcrypt or scrypt? Is GnuPG's slow hash method easily automated in GPUs?
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