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Questions tagged [traffic-analysis]

Traffic analysis is the process of intercepting and examining messages in order to deduce information from patterns in communication. Within cryptography this definition is restricted to deduce information from the cryptographic properties of the messages send, for instance if a signature or ciphertext leaks information that could be of use to an attacker.

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How to protect traffic metadata from a malicious cloud provider?

What can be a theoretical and efficient way of protecting traffic metadata (packet size, timestamps, packet count) of enterprise when traffic is redirected to the SGX enclave residing in a cloud ...
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How is Encryption Actually Used in Public Networks at This Moment?

Has anyone done a study, assembled a snapshot, of how encryption is actually being used on the Internet at this moment? So many companies do traffic analysis, the usage share of operating systems, ...
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Combating Traffic analysis Msc Dissertation ideas [closed]

I have started my MSc dissertation on anonymity (how to beat traffic analysis techniques) and i'm looking for practical ideas. What tactics and software technology would be that guarantees private ...
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What can be learned from an encrypted text?

I assume nowadays crypto algorithms are well-built, so one can't make a difference between a ciphertext and random bit stream. This way the method used for encryption can't be figured out either. I ...
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Safe way to generate different encrypted output from the "same" plaintext

Imagine I want to send imaginary defcon levels to another party over the internet. I know there are good protocols for this like SSL, but lets say I only have a blackbox tool where I can input an AES ...
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Are there cryptographic schemes that mask as unencrypted traffic?

Are there cryptographic schemes that make encrypted traffic look like unencrypted traffic?
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Possible to know who is the owner of a message encrypted with RSA public key

Given the scenario in which I want to send 10 messages either to Stalio or Olio. I encrypt these messages with their respective public keys using textbook RSA, before sending the messages to their ...
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