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Why the full r-torsion group contains r^2 many elements and consists of r+1 subgroups

Only if $r$ is prime. Let $E[r] = \langle P,Q \rangle$ be the $r$-torsion subgroup. Its cyclic subgroup is defined by a generator of the form $[a]P + [b]Q$, but up to a (non-zero) scalar multiple: ...
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Where can I find 2 of the steps/proofs described in Dan Boneh's video on PLONK in the PLONK Paper? The 2 don't seem to match

In the talk, Boneh shows how to obtain an "arithmetization" from an arithmetic circuit, which represents a specific computation. In the paper, Gabizon does provide a proof system, given a ...
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which zero knowledge proof technique is suitable for identity verification system?

There are many instances of implementing ZKP for anonymous authentication, such as $\Sigma$ protocol(interactive ZKP), classical Fiat-Shamir transformer by assuming random oracle and Groth-Sahai ...
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What do we know about the relationship between IP, ZKP?

unconditionally IP = PSPACE [Because of shamir] Now NP contianed in ZK (if OWF exist). This is essential since to prove the zero knowledge aspect of the protocol you need commitment schemes that imply ...
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