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Zero knowledge proof of a linear expression in the exponent

Search "Okamoto protocol" in google(quotation involved), you can find the lecture notes and some other slides. So the Okamoto protocol is a WI and WH protocol, but not ZK. Besides, it's also ...
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Zero knowlede proof of linear relations

How to create a zero knowledge proof (or argument of knowledge) for such linear relation? The obvious way is to generate a proof of knowledge that you know $x$ s.t. $h^x = C_1^{b_2}C_2g^{-b_1} = (g^{...
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Equality check with Pedersen commitments

Committing to a value with a commitment scheme doesn't have something to link it to a certain user (e.g., the committer doesn't have a public key or something like that). Moreover, the purpose of a ...
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Winner and individual vote counts in online voting in DRE-i and DRE-ip

From a theoretical perspective we can turn a protocol for yes/no votes into a protocol for two candidates Alice and Bob with voters not having the option of a blank vote. We only need to make the ...
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What prevents ZKP proofs to be misused by others?

You are not missing anything: if the proof is non-interactive, then it is transferrable, as you observed. Hence, such a proof cannot authenticate the proof sender as the owner of the secret ...
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