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Constant values of ChaCha20

The constant in Salsa20 and ChaCha20 is a nothing-up-my-sleeve string, expand 32-byte k. So it becomes more of a philosophical question about changing such ...
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Constant values of ChaCha20

i think that changing the constants would likely compromise the security. Any changing could weaken the security of the algorithm.
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Does combining a stream cipher and block cipher produce any vulnerabilities?

With respect to confidentiality, cascading two ciphers (xChacha20 then AES-CBC in the question) with independent keys is at least as secure as either cipher against KPA and CPA attacks. That's ...
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What is the advantage of CFB over OFB?

Advantages of CFB over OFB: Ability to parallel decryption, and hence it has better performance. Ability to random read access during decryption. There is no need to calculate all previous (expensive)...
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