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How can LCG based stream ciphers be broken?

For the cipher formula to work, $A$ must be coprime to $m$ and exists, which means ${(S_2 - S_3)}\over{(S_1 - S_2)}$ must also be coprime to $m$ and also exists. After excluding duplicate factors of ...
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What is the advantage of CFB over OFB?

CFB allows random access. I can start decrypting at any offset, because all the information I need to decrypt a block is the encryption key, the IV, the encrypted block itself and the next encrypted ...
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BLAKE3 for Block and Stream ciphers?

Let's start with the stream cipher idea, since it's the simplest one. BLAKE3 already supports arbitrary-length outputs, so when you key it it can be trivially used as a stream cipher by hashing an ...
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Is it impossible to improve plaintext attack on Zip crypto in trade of memory vs plaintext bytes requirement?

Yes, the algorithm is improvable in terms of modern computers but i only found one possible point of improvement which removing Z reduction which will then reduce the amount of required plaintext ...
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