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E-voting using Paillier encryption scheme: security risks

In the question's setup: Each voter puts his encrypted vote on a webpage and when all votes are online, the voting authority adds these votes up by using that the Paillier cryptosystem is additively ...
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How to anonymously vote?

As Mr fgrieu would testify, vote on paper or use coloured stones. SQL that...
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How to anonymously vote?

Each voter creates a key pair, and announces their public key. Each voter then signs a message containing their vote, using a Linkable Spontaneous Anonymous Group Signature. An LSAG signature proves ...
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How to anonymously vote?

This is known as boardroom voting. Kulyk et al seems like a useful starting point. Plain MPC could obviously be used for this, but in practice you often want a bit more (verifiability by outsiders, ...
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