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If you are using AES-CBC, You can store the IV however you like. It is not important to keep the IV secret; you just need to make sure that an adversary cannot predict the IV in advance. However, you have the right intuition that you should generally always use an authenticated cipher like AES-GCM. AES-CBC is bad for other reasons too having to do with ...


I am not familiar with openSSL, but adding the IV to the end of the message is fine, because with the IV alone, you can't do anything useful, UNLESS you have the key.


The safe academic thing is to assume that no, something using the Web Cryptoraphy API can not be assumed resistant to side-channel attacks. The Web Cryptography API is, as the acronym states, an Application Programming Interface. What it does is platform-dependent. For example, in a browser environment, the code that implements that API is browser-dependent ...

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