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Can you guarantee that the users are going to use high-strength passwords like dicewire? What if they are using simple passwords? Are they going to sue you when they are hacked and their data exposed? Lots of questions? Consider that all of your users are hacked due to a bug in your application, then the attackers can execute a batch attack, too. Using salts ...


Coming back to answer this since I see someone is wondering if I was able to do it. The professor, seemingly realizing that this assignment wasn't possible in the time given, gave another hint that made this doable. The plaintext is 8 characters long The first character and last two characters are lowercase There are two digits, and the rest of the password ...


You don't get empty output in AES, too. AES is a permutation and will always return a plaintext, correct or not depending on the key. If I take the SHA3_512 of the Argon2ID-ed password and include it with the ciphertext, is the ciphertext now vulnerable to attacks? One needs to find a pre-image to the key, and normally the cost of this is around $2^{512}$ ...


It's mathematics and psychology. People tend to create patterns that aren't random even when they try not to. Randomness isn't just any gibberish that doesn't mean anything, it's data NOT HAVING ANY PATTERN. Humans create patterns.

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